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The Power Of Creating Customer Avatars

Posted April 25, 2017

What Is The Driving Force For Your Organization?
For most organizations out there, I hope that answer has to do with satisfying and retaining Customers. After all, what business do you have without Customers? Most likely, that answer would not be revenue.

But for many organizations, the importance of the Customer gets forgotten. Instead, the focus gets shifted to a process or to becoming more efficient. All too often, the true driving force, your Customer, and their needs and wants, gets forgotten in the workload. The best way we have found at The DiJulius Group to keep our client's focus on the Customer is through creating a Day in the Life of a Customer video. The Day in the Life of a Customer video helps make employees truly understand the plight of what their Customers are going through and helps your Customer facing employees have more empathy and compassion.
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United Airlines Customer Service Crashes & Burns

Posted April 17, 2017

For a long time, United Airlines has been able to brag that they are not the worst airline at Customer Service in the United States. Spirit Airlines has always held that #1 spot, while United has always been the second worst airline. However, the events that happened last week may have catapulted United to first of the worst. It is never just one thing that does a company in; it takes several stupid events. Although the event that started United's spiral was one of the most horrific things I have ever seen a company do.

A Week United Would Like To Forget

A United flight was overbooked so the airline started offering Customers $400 and a hotel room if they offered to take a later flight. After the passengers boarded and still nobody had volunteered, United upped the ante to $800 announcing that the flight would not leave until four stand-by United employees had seats. After there were still no takers, a manager allegedly told passengers that a computer would select four passengers to be kicked off the flight.
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Ellen Shocks Waitress Who Delivers Great Service | The Power Of Brand Advocates

Posted April 12, 2017

What would it mean for your bottom line if you were able to build a team of  10, 50, 100, 1000 sales reps, for free? Imagine if each of those sales reps had a strong influence on the opinions and purchase behaviors of your ideal customer. Sounds too good to be true - passive traffic, leads, sales and revenue, on complete autopilot? Maybe not.

The Power Of Brand Advocates

These folks are your most highly satisfied clients who share positive information about your products and services without being asked or paid to do so. They influence 20-50% of all purchases and generate over $6 trillion in consumer spending each year. Despite the value they bring to any business, there is a tremendous advocacy gap that exists today. In the US, 80% of companies are not leveraging advocates in their marketing campaigns, and worse, 58% don't even know who their advocates are.
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Do You See Doom & Gloom? | Does Smiling On The Phone Really Make A Difference?

Posted April 5, 2017


If you are going to help make your organization a World-Class Customer  service organization, you must have a consistently great outlook. You must see opportunities where most do not. You must believe in the present and future. You must have charitable assumption of your Customers and confidence in your existing and future generation of employees. Too often, I come across people in management that have an extremely negative outlook on our world today, which tells me they and their businesses will be limited.

When You Sound Old You Become Old

Have you been guilty of criticizing the younger generation for not having the work ethic your generation had, or their poor people skills because of texting and social media, or complained about how bad our politicians are today? Have you vented over the unpredictability of the economy, how more businesses are in danger of going under, how negative people have become towards each other, or how scary the world is today with all the threats of terrorism?
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Customer Service Vision, A Vision That Has An Impact

Posted April 4, 2017

Aspirational Purpose is Important, however…

Having a solid understanding of why your organization exists and what gets you up every day to serve your internal and external customers is the foundation for any successful leader and organization. It’s important to remember, as Simon Sinek has taught us, “people don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it.” This adage rings true for our internal and external customer. If you don’t have an aspirational purpose that drives employees to work every day with passion and excitement, then how can you expect your external customer to be passionate about your organization or be excited to do business with you? Although we need to have a larger than life purpose to get us up every morning we also need a ‘North Star’ that we can strive for with every customer, every time. My advice, perfect why your organization exists, ensure your employees know this, can recite it and believe it, then set that beautiful aspirational purpose on the shelf and start working on a Customer Service Vision that can be actionable by every employee, with every customer, in every interaction.

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