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The Correlation Of Customer Satisfaction And Financial Performance

Posted June 21, 2017

What Would It Mean If Your Organization Consistently Delivered An Exceptional Memorable Customer Experience? 
Irrefutable evidence shows, companies that have the highest customer loyalty consistently outperform the rest of their industry in the following:
  • Higher sales growth
  • More profitable
  • Have more brand loyalty
  • More referrals
  • Customers are less price sensitive
  • Customers are more forgiving when something goes wrong
  • Advertise less
  • Are less affected by economic conditions
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Higher employee morale
  • Lower employee turnover
How do those results sound to you? Could your business benefit from some or all of those results?
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$62 Billion Lost Due To Poor Customer Service By US Companies

Posted June 14, 2017

Forget New Customers - Stop Losing Existing 
New research from NewVoiceMedia offers a compelling view of the consequences of poor Customer Service in the U.S. The results reveal that an estimated $62 billion is lost by U.S. businesses each year following bad Customer Experiences. Top reasons for Customers defecting:
  • Customers felt unappreciated
  • Customers left because of rude & unhelpful staff
  • Customers got tired of being passed around
  • Customers were frustrated with not being able to speak to a human being
  • Customers left because of difficulty getting their questions answered
  • Customers left because of being on hold too long
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Chick-fil-A's Incredible R.O.X. | WestJet Leads In Customer Loyalty

Posted June 7, 2017

Can Chick-fil-A's Service Get Even Better?

Chick-fil-A restaurants are well regarded as the leader in Customer service not only in the Quick Service Restaurant sector but benchmarked against all retail industries. Lately Chick-fil-A has taken pains to make its drive-thru strategy as customer-friendly as possible. The chain has created dedicated drive-thru teams sending employees with tablets out to the drive-thru lane to take orders when lines begin to form.

Return On Xperience

Does this obsession with the Customer experience and fanatical attention to detail really pay off? The chain consistently ranks first in restaurant customer-service surveys. In 2015, Chick-fil-A generated more revenue per restaurant than any other fast-food chain in the US.

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How To Influence A Following

Posted May 31, 2017

"A leader without followers is a person taking a walk

This is a quote I live by. Without a group of people passionate about what you want to achieve and willing to go down that path with you, there is no hope of achieving your vision. After all, we are only human, and one person. To create movements, we need to garner followers, for it is our first few followers that are our underrated leaders.

Through the years, I have walked alone (thinking I could do it all) until I realized that inspiring others to do more, be more and achieve more would help me achieve my goals, my organization's goals and our collective aspirations. I will never forget one leader in my life that sat me down and said, "Katie, you need to inspire, motivate and not dictate outcomes. People will do more for you if they believe that you believe in them, their ideas, and you build trust." She continued to say, "You need to connect with them on a personal level and drive results through your people-not at your people." That was the day I vowed to be different, to focus on my people and not just the results. Let me tell you, doing this gave me much more success. I worked on creating followers to influence change and the results needed.
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How CEO’s Should React When They Get Customer Complaints

Posted May 24, 2017

Department Of Customer Defense: No Unhappy Customers Left Behind
Dealing with Customer complaints that make it to senior executives is a critically important strategy, one that most companies fail miserably at in three ways:
  1. Not creating a CEO communication strategy nor giving it the attention it deserves when a Customer does make the effort to contact the head of the company.
  2. Making it impossible for Customers to ever be able to get in touch with the CEO/President.
  3. And too often, when someone does get in touch with the CEO, the CEO makes it worse.  See PWC, Lululemon, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines.
How Accessible Are You?
It is incomprehensible to me how many corporate offices and senior management teams are totally inaccessible or to often do not handle it well when dealing with the Customer. Service Management Group did a study and found that only 35 percent of Customers where highly satisfied with the service recovery of senior leadership, due to them making excuses, spinning it, and insulting the Customer by not validating their challenge.
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