Company Service Aptitude Test (C-SAT)

What's the real Service Aptitude Level of your company?


When it comes to Customer service, do you know the rating for your company, location or department? The DiJulius Group has created an incredibly powerful tool called the Company Service Aptitude Test. The C-SAT not only pinpoints the Service Aptitude Level of your organization, but even more importantly, it lets management know where the strengths and opportunities are in order to get to the next level. The C-SAT is based on the "Ten Commandments" to providing a world-class Customer experience. These are the 10 principles shared by every great Customer service organization. Now each one of your managers can take the C-SAT.

There are five levels of Customer service

Levels of Service

This test is designed so that individual departments may take it and score themselves independently. It will take approximately 15 minutes to answer all the questions. If you are taking it to determine the level of Customer service delivered by your company, there are two approaches you can take: (1) look at your entire organization's Customer service as a whole, or (2) look at the Customer service of each individual department (i.e. sales, technical support, call center) or location. If you choose to take it by department or location, you will obviously have to take it once for each department or location you have. This allows you to determine what departments, managers and front-line employees are stronger and which are weaker. Scores may then be averaged to find an overall company score.

Group C-SAT

The DiJulius Group is able to compile and group the results for all your organization or business unit to get a broader perspective of your company's Service Aptitude.  This unique reporting service comes with a one-on-one consultation with one of our world-class consultants to go over the immediate opportunities that might surface.  Learn more by calling us at 440-443-0023.