Business Leader Package

Are you the leader of a Customer service team?
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Then this package is for you!

Watch your team improve instantly as they apply the same strategies used by the top Customer service companies in the world. John DiJulius' 2nd best-seller What's The Secret? in conjunction with a downloadable version of the What's The Secret? Workbook will ensure all your teams stay on the same page.  And for a limited time offer receive a X-Commandments Poster to display throughout your office.  Witness a Customer service revolution at your company today!

Author of Secret Service, John DiJulius, gives an engaging presentation with Customer service tips from his book Secret Service and how it applies to different industries. This is hours of entertaining wisdom and real life ideas that can be incorporated easily into your own business.

This package contains

  • What's The Secret? To Providing a World-Class Experience Book
  • What's The Secret? Workbook with unlimited downloadable copies
  • X-Commandments Poster